Digital marketing

Most businesses today rely on effective digital marketing to succeed. But how do you know that your marketing is actually effective?

"we know that half of the marketing we do is effective, we just don't know which half".

The famous quote is often attributed to the American John Wanamaker or the British Lord Leverhulme. It doesn't really matter who said it first, the important thing is that -it's true. That is, it was true, -at the time it was said.

In today's digital world, the situation is completely different.

Through digital marketing, we remove uncertainty. We measure every click, every dollar spent and every dollar earned. Data collection provides full control and overview.

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Data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing is about testing something, collecting data, measuring success and then adapting and testing again. In this way, marketing becomes more and more effective as data is collected.

Data can be information about customer behaviour, demographics, geography, interests, or perhaps about which campaigns trigger the desire to buy among specific customer groups.

While it's the numbers that speak, it's still the creativity that breaks through and creates the conversions.

Customers are not machines

We love numbers and measurements, but the focus is still on the customer. Your customers are neither a graph nor a piece of software, but a human being just like you and me. That's why we need to choose the design, message and wording carefully, so that the customer understands who you are and what you want.

Then we measure.

That way, we get to know the person behind the conversion so we can find more people who need the same thing. Their needs will vary depending on where they are and what they're doing, so to find them at the right time, we need to understand where they are in the customer journey.

Customer journeys

It can be quite a long way from the first time someone becomes aware of your brand until they make a purchase or order. That's why we need to map the different stages the customer goes through before they reach the finish line.

Each step of the journey requires a unique approach and set of keywords, images and landing pages. By analysing the user's journey, we can ensure we provide the right information at the right time to guide potential customers towards conversion.

Does that sound a bit difficult?

Yes, it's a bit tricky, but we specialise in this and we see the effect at the other end. So we know it's worth the effort.

With all the digital opportunities available today, it can be difficult to choose an approach. That's why we think pragmatically and go for the tools that cover as many people as possible.

Digital tools

We use a variety of digital tools to analyse and assess. The most important, however, are the tools that find customers for us.

We use, among other things:

  • Google shopping ads
  • Google search advertising
  • Google video ads
  • Google display ads
  • Organic searches

Over 50,000,000 Google searches are made every day in Norway. So it's almost guaranteed that some of them are searching for something you can deliver - every single day.

So why should they shop with anyone else?


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