Digital expertise

Trippple is a multidisciplinary agency run by creative people with a passion for design and digital solutions. Our three core areas are design, development and consultancy.

What can we do for you?


Good packaging or design affects us more than we realise. Good design brings you more customers and gets you noticed. We put design first, just like great successful brands have done.



Our team masters code and design, which is a unique combination for optimal and cost-saving solutions. We develop websites, software and apps - always with an eye on the future.


We have advisors with technical insight and broad expertise. Trippple is quality-conscious in everything we deliver. Our advice will help you achieve results and ensure that you choose the best strategic and technical solution for the long term.



Amon, Atea, Aukland Legend, Blikk Byggvare, Blå Bolig, Bonaventura Scandza, Brklyn, Campus Blå, Coop OBS, EcoFishCircle, Egdastrek, Farmar, Game of Lister, Gas 2 Feed, Grand Hotell Flekkefjord, Hansen Renovasjon, Hovelsrud Gård, HRC Europe, Hunsbedt Bil, Lista Bygg, OneCo, Rank nr. 1, Pluss 2 Interiør, Senzie, SOWE, Surface Dynamics, Svindland, Tess, Tratec, Varbak Vju, Y Story

Design like you are absolutely right, then optimise like you were wrong from the start.

- Jordie van Rijn
Inspiration for Trippple digital designers

About Trippple

Trippple will be a creative professional environment that, in addition to customer projects, will focus on its own digital projects. Our vision is to develop local ideas that provide global opportunities.